Wholesale Hair Samples For Your Dropshipping Store

Wholesale Hair Samples

What are your options?

Do you have your store up and running with the Dropship Beauty App but need some samples to promote on Social Media or show people in person? Maybe you sell hair extensions in person as well?

Well, most of our clients do!

We offer two different options to purchase samples or even in bulk to sell in person, at local events, or even directly to salons or stylists.

There are two options based on the size of your sample order as well as the products you would like to purchase.

Private Label Extensions (Smaller Orders + Variety of Products)

Private Label Extensions is a leading provider of hair extensions, lashes, and other beauty products to thousands of stylists and hair entrepreneurs.

There are no minimums on the website and you can find a large variety of products including bundles, closures, wigs, frontals, lashes and more! The pricing is similar to what you would find on the Dropship Beauty App.

This is the perfect place to order a few sample textures to either try out for yourself or have some items on hand to show friends that might be interested in purchasing from your online store.

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Wholesale (Bulk Orders)

Looking to buy hair extensions or lashes in bulk and get manufacturer direct pricing?

Private Label Wholesale is your gateway to proven hair extension products with pricing that will make you so excited that you found this page. Seriously.

Don’t believe us? You can download the Private Label Wholesale Price List to see!

Like the Dropship Beauty App, this platform is not open to the public for shopping. To gain free access (there are no membership fees to be a member), you will need to fill out an application so we can confirm you truly are in the hair business.

After you fill out the application you will be directed to a sales associate’s calendar to book your onboarding call.

We do this so we can personally walk you through the website, how it works, and answer any questions before you get started.

Private Label Wholesale

Dropship, Wholesale or Hybrid?

A lot of our clients as us what is the best way to run their hair business.

Our most successful clients run a hybrid model that they utilize both dropshipping and wholesale hair.

We ALWAYS recommend starting with Dropshipping first. Dropshipping gives you instant access to hundreds of products that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase at wholesale prices.

It’s much smarter to set up your E-Commerce Website and start selling online.

Once you start building up your client base, you will notice you might start getting some local business. Or, if there is a particular product that you sell a ton of, it might make more sense for you to buy wholesale and ship yourself.

Our goal is always to give our clients options that will provide them with the ability to do what they think is best for their business.

We always say, your mom doesn’t want to ship your hair orders while you are out of town so you should always have dropshipping available as a supply option!